tirsdag den 21. oktober 2014

Main assembly

Most of the assembly has been completed. I made a light frame from curtain aluminium extrusion and eBay LED chains.  Fixed it with a couple of aluminium brackets that I made. I sand blasted some acrylic to diffuse the light.
I'm also using a 40mm ring light on my hot end. With both of these upgrades it's easy to see what I'm printing as well as the compactness of the layers. It's really helpful. I printed a case for the LCD on top of the frame.

As I don't want to use both an allen key AND a wrench when levelling the bed, I made some bumpers to hold the nuts.

The extruder is a modified version of Kuro's extruder on thingiverse. I made it fit a quick coupling that was bought along with the PTFE tube. I really like that I can use it for 1.75mm and 3mm as I an exchange the coupling.

Some protection for the heat bed cables came in handy. This is the 7*7mm size

The e3d hot end mount I designed for Prusa i3 with mount for 40mm ring light (seen in mirror) and mount for 30mm fan. A 5015s fan can be added in the front as well.

Getting messy:

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