onsdag den 20. august 2014

Y-carriage motor mount

The original y-motor mount for Prusa i3 looked flimsy, as the motor is only fastened on two of the screw holes. I decided to make one in 10mm thick aluminium. I did this by making a design in SketchUp, exporting the measurements and printing out a template with accurate dimensions.

 The template was spray glued onto the aluminium stock.
 Holes were centerpunched, then predrilled and drilled. I used a 25mm HSS end mill for the large hole. Unfortunately the template fell off in the process, but luckily the holes were all predrilled so the locations were accurate, and I printed out a few so I could stick on another template.

I milled out a 20mm channel to allow for a belt drive, although it wound up not being neccesary. Looks nice though.

 Finally, milling the outer dimensions.

The corners were rounded on a disk sander.

I really like this piece, turned out better than I expected.

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