tirsdag den 21. oktober 2014

Up and running

It lights up like a Christmas tree...

Notice how the wires are all messy. I've got to shorten those and mount the PSU on the side and fix that.
I've yet to find some suitable end stop holders (you'd think the extend of the RepRap project you'd be able to find such, but you'd be wrong). I have to design some, but I wanted to print so I adjusted the xyz axis to 0 manually. It's printing!
On the first four tries the acceleration proved to be way too high in Marlin. After adjusting these, I got this:

Notice the temporary cardboard fan duct ;). I'll have to design a proper one as well. I'm really happy with how the print came out, usually I hear people spending hours to get to the point where I am, so I consider myself lucky. Regardless, attempts at printing some more shows I have some blockage or jam in the hot end. Reading the e3d forum, this appears to be a somewhat common problem and might be fixed by either drilling out the nozzle, cleaning the hot end of plastic, tinkering with the cooling of the hot end or using better quality PLA. 

I don't have more filament to play with, so I have ordered some black and green PLA from the guys at Reprap.me.

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